I pinch your head!

Photography is all about fun and creativity, and sometimes the old ideas and tricks work, in this case we’re talking about pinching things, I genuinely find the whole thing cute and fun. Just stick your hands out, shape your hands so it looks like you’re pinching something afar, take a shot and bam, instant illusion. It can be anything you want, the bigger the better. My entire Paris trip was actually spent doing that with all the famous buildings (that were pinchable anyway), and of course it doesnt have to stop there, pinching people is just as fun, and they can’t run away from it (mwahahaha). So yeah, here’s some of the pinching stuff I’ve done, hope this inspires you to do some pinching of your own, and why not post some if you have already?

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  1. kellie shouted

    hahaha you’re my hero

  2. crazybobbles said

    you are my gigging hero! so much i can learn from you!

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