On February 28th 11:59pm, I managed to release the muse secret project “” it has now proved a success with over 1000 unique visitors visiting the place and many people contributing to the project.

Tis all fun I must say, I think it was important that the wiki was built as a secret so 1. people become more curious about this project and 2. when you start the project you find out that alot of information has been laid out for you so you can have an idea on what to do.

Not sure how large this wiki will span out but its all good atm :) I’m sure theres alot of people who know muse more then me

3 Responses to “ released”

  1. Crazy Bobbles said

    hahah how funny was I when I was proud of the 1000 unique visitors, now the damn place generates over 10,000 unique visitors per month. Crazy shit

  2. Anonymous Coward said

    Well, after scoring three front page news item attributions I think it’ll go up quite a bit within the next month …

  3. Crazybobbles said

    3 front page news item attributions?!?! You’ve lost me

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