Muse Haarp Dvd Released

Well folks, I’m sure you’ve all been lovely people and bought yourself a copy of Muse Haarp DVD. Would like to know what you thought of the DVD. I unfortunately am steering clear for it for now since I’m still savouring the vue cinema experience and all. Will hopefully get it soon or something and will report back here. Other than that, what did YOU think of it, a predictable poll would be in order but I’ll save that in a bit ;)

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  • Dodo says:

    hi! it’s something incredible the haarp dvd!! i saw it yesterday evening and it was….my god…fantastic! i was desperate to not have seen it at the cinema, but in italy there isn’t certain possibilities! :P amazing whatever!! tomorrow i’ll see again obviously! today i must study :(ù

    bye bye!

  • Dilshad says:

    woah… amazing… HAARPtacular! HAARPtastic! tis indescribable! major kudos to Matt, Chris and Dom and the rest of the crew who put on the show and recorded it. I whish I could thank them all personally so… ummm Thank You!

  • Dilshad says:

    bother… am so excited about it all (just finished watching it) I can’t spell… wish (not whish) is what I meant.

  • manigaa says:

    It’s something incredible……everything is perfect…..only a problem….I would like to see Sing for absolution!

  • marleymuse says:

    it awesome i saw it last night and i couldnt go to sleep its the best live act they done betting there past ones and all of their acts are good

  • Shido says:

    I ordered the limited 1000 copy release here in the states, and I’m in love with it. The neat and tidy little black box that opens up and holds everything so perfectly, and these “post card” things, which really aren’t post cards.. I mean they’re square shaped, and have no blank space on them whatsoever.. you certainly couldn’t write anyone with them (not that you’d want to). I figure I’ll take them to the next signing and have the guys each sign their respective card and then frame it or something. As for the cd and dvd both, the quality is absolutely incredible, I’m still in complete shock.

  • Zack says:

    I mean, it was great, but I would have made some song list changes.

    Map of the Problematique—Space Dementia
    Hoodoo—Dark Shines
    Apocalypse Please—Sing for Absolution.

    Other than that, I love it. Watching 70,000 people sing to Time is Running Out AND Starlight AND Plug in Baby never gets old.

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