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Musewiki logoSo linking back to the previous post regarding musewiki, should there be a forum for it? Granted I’m a fond user and moderator of the official message board and quite reluctant to change,the idea is still nonetheless a floating one and is considerable. The only doubt is that there’s not enough social side of musewiki than I’ve hoped it would be. It would be nice to be able to add more opinionated and social comments about Muse related things, I could see huge discussions on Muse Haarp or them playing at V or something.

Of course this would have to be fully separated between factual and thoughts / perspectives. This is where perhaps a forum could be implemented, to really speak out to people and get some intellectual posts going on. I don’t think both the official board and other sites have too many good posts without being polluted with n00bish posts. So yeah, this is the idea, I’ll get some feedback from you guys and from there we’ll work out the feasibility of it all, if the plans go ahead I will get a donation thing going to actually purchase the board. I am not fond of the free boards out there (phpbb comes to mind) since they require constant care and are open to attacks so a full license to vBulletin will be needed which comes at a hefty £90 for the license. So yeah, quite a lot of things to consider. I don’t think there’s enough of a demand for a message board but who know’s best see what you guys think and we can work from there.

If you have any thoughts on a musewiki forum, feel free to comment here.

Should there be a Musewiki forums?

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4 Responses to “Musewiki forums?”

  1. 7 replied

    Now THAT is something I’d be ready and willing to help with!!!

  2. leenca said

    What if you just added a separate category (like there are Navigation, Muse, Meta, Search) - Forum - and then posted a link (or links) to existing forum(s)? So you don’t have to launch a new forum and worry about the number of contributors and so on.
    Just an idea, I honestly don’t even know if this is really posible :P

  3. crazybobbles said

    Adding a link to the navigation bar is easy, however the question is should we have our own forum? I wouldn’t bother linking to an existing one because everyone knows muse official board etc.

  4. leenca said

    Yep you’re right.
    I’m pro ;) idea of trying MuseWiki’s own forum, though. Looking forward to theories about the new album (:

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