Proposed plan for blog

Managed to make myself a skin, it was almost built from scratch since i used a pretty minimalistic theme. I went with a blue and green theme since they’re my favorite colours. I’ve added some katamari backdrops to really make the theme come out. The theme is still in the making, I haven’t even finished the top part yet.

I’ve pretty much backed up so what’s left now is to finish the blog theme and start migrating. Quite excited since I feel like I’m not really making the most out of so migrating stuff from my blog seems like a cool idea. I just need a lovely place to dunk my covers and I can generate some flash player to play them (loads of people are using my songs for their sites and all :(). Another thing I’m worried about is the amount of spam and crap that’s been generated via, boy that was a legacy. Luckily wordpress is a beauty at managing spam. So yeah content you’ll be expecting on my blog:

  • Muse related information, I’ll only post stuff that are super interesting, I prefer using to sort out the news since it rocks (hehe got to love self promotion).
  • Musewiki news, I have a news section on the wiki but it would definitely benefit if it was stored in some more blog like than wiki
  • Feeds seems to be the key for getting these things right, I’ll be generating individual category feeds so people can subscribe to the correct ones, so if you’re only interested in my banter (fat chance) than you’ll subscribe to banter, if you’re interested in musewiki updated than you subscribe to that, of course there would still be a one feed that will rule them all.
  • The obvious addition will be covers, having the blog migrated to means I’ll need to start recording more music, I’m quite tempted to just making youtube videos of them all so it can all be hosted externally, we’ll see.
  • A new email address! The old crazybobbles was spammed silly haha.
  • I might start a music myspace account. Reason is that it’s by far the most productive way of storing latest covers as well as distributing them, and lets face it, I never use myspace correctly, won’t do facebook though, wouldnt work too well.
  • Some focus on photography as well, I will try and include more flickr photos on the blog (got to love the blog feature) will focus on band photography but to be honest I’ll try everything that’s interesting.

That’s all for now, I’m just writing out ideas so yeah. Will hopefully incorperate everything mentioned since it’s all doable. Blogging will definitely easier since I’m really enjoying blogging on the tube, nice hour spot to get something done and all.

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