Luigi’s Ballad – Starbomb

Been a fan of egoraptor since he was rocking Metal Gear Awesome videos at Newsground. He’s written an album featuring songs about Nintendo characters (and a few from other consoles like FF7) and they are fun to listen.

If you have Spotify you can listen now:…

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Macbook Pro Retina 13″ [Review time]

Lounging at Caffe Nero

I’ve never really owned a laptop. Sure all my computers at work were laptops and I’ve dabbled in both a netbook and a cheap Dell laptop, but I never considered any of them as my primary workstation. Finally I’ve purchased myself a Macbook Pro retina and now it flows in how much I was missing.

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“No it wasn’t”

Always makes me laugh. It’s like a naughty schoolboy

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Fujifilm X-M1

Fujifilm X Series

So during Christmas day I purchased myself another lovely Fuji X series camera as it was a deal I couldn’t refuse. Essentially the camera comes out as £190 odd as you get a £100 rebate from Fujifilm and an additional £100 from Amazon.

Quality of the camera is on par to the x100s because they essentially share the same sensor, only differences are features like viewfinders and controls. The thing that stood out for me was the interchangeable lenses so I can now shoot wider shots and more importably the articulating LCD which replaces the need to a viewfinder. It makes me shoot in crazy low and high angles.

Anyway, here are some photos taken at a concert. GUESS WHICH ONE IS TAKEN WITH AN X100S

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Here’s me playing Survival on the guitar

Watch me go I guess

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The iPad Air

Apple gear

So at some random point last week I finally decided to get an iPad Air. I originally had in mind to upgrade/downgrade to an iPad Mini Retina when it came out but after some discussions and review reading I’ve pulled a 180 and went back to the full sized iPad. I like using it to watch videos (especially in the tub) so a smaller screen was going to make it difficult. I also like typing on the iPad and that could easily prove a problem with the retina.

So yes, a lovely iPad air. It was relatively easy to obtain this, just turn up at 8am and you’ll have one in 30 minutes.

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MCM Comic con 2013: Boners, naked people and raging nerds

Naked sim

Yesterday I went to the London MCM Comic con event. Essentially it’s a RAGING nerd fest where you cosplay, play video games, meet stars and spend money on junk you don’t need.

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CE-7 custom black glitter

Manson CE-7 Custom glitter

So this is it, the final Manson guitar has arrived in my hands. Very impressed with how it turned out.

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