My Old Place

My Old Place

Recommended by someone from work a while back, they compared it to Ba Shan but cheaper and bigger portions. Taste wise there are times where one would trump the other but I would probably say they’re both pretty damn good. 

We went as a party of 5 (went to the cash machine first since they don’t accept card) and picked 7 dishes that weren’t super scary. Dishes include (from left to right): Garlic salt deep fried squid, 2 chicken and chilli dishes (one in black bean and one just dry chillis), pork and black fungus / wood ear / jews ear / argaihiahcihric, beancurd and seafood shichaun style, sizzling beef and finally a prawn and cashew nute dish. I may have consumed 4/5 bowls of rice. Had to order 2 extra portions for everyone else.

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