Snacks for all

Today I was inspired… by what or who I hear you ask. By 6 double chocolate chip muffins! Was randomly taking photos and stuff when I decided to take photos of muffins, and then this idea came into my head

Then the next thing you know, uka made cookies for everyone :p

and then inn made some

and then alice made some!!

Twas fun, I only ate uka’s muffin when I took the photo because he added notes on my photo with the words “licks” *grr* So yeah :p Fun day :)
… Now i’m hungry :(

2 Responses to “Snacks for all”

  1. alice replied

    yay for muffins, cookies, haribo and caramel slices :)

  2. Crazybobbles replied

    and the thing that brought it all together.. photography :D

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