Self Portrait?

Self Portrait?

A portrait of someone who doesn’t want to be seen. Unlike most people who’ve got a portrait of themselves somewhere uploaded online, I always choose not to have my photos shown. I’m simply an online avatar until you’ve actually met me, nothing can ever beat meeting a someone in person. This is a submission to the Musers’ Playground

4 Responses to “Self Portrait?”

  1. Popey wrote

    I watched V for Vendetta the other day after checking all of the anonymous videos on YouCh00be. So…been out attacking any scientologists latelly?

  2. alice replied

    I love this photo!

  3. Rob said

    Hehehehe. You have a V mask too!

  4. Sarah wrote

    It scares me a little (but that ain’t a bad thing)!!! I think it’s an awesome photograph!!!

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