Honey I’m home, 2 weeker in halifax

I decided that since I’ll be starting job hunting now, now that Alice has found herself a lovely job at Halifax (in Halifax). I believe my “holidays” need to come to an end and that I should start getting into the real world of finding a job and paying taxings like every graduate who wishes not to do their masters or doctorate. After a lengthy 30 minute thinking, I decided to plan a long visit to Alice’s place to ensure that we had enough time together and all.

The visit was slightly crippled though, mainly due to the fact that Alice’s job requires her to be at the office about 7-4 odd. Which meant that I would be spending most of that time on my own (that’s a lie, her family will be in the house most of the time). This is where productivity will see a massive boom as I ensure that the time spent when Alice is away isn’t gone to waste. I made sure that I finished blogging everything as well as start finding jobs around the end of the second week. We also had a day where we were going to spend with kev, inn, gem and paul for sushi and bingo (sushi being just with kev and inn). So yeah, quite a lovely one visit hits all plan. How could one refuse to go? (especially when Alice is living up there haha)

The journey up north

The journey this time was quite alright since I once again woke up nice and early for the day. Packing up was once again with the bare essentials (I wanted to bring my wii back down so I needed room and all). Tickets were about £23 this time since it was on a Saturday but it was the best way to maximise our time together (right after job centre haha). Anyway, once I was there we strangely popped by to Yo Sushi! and got some takeaway fish, the place was packed but nonetheless we still got some sushi action and all.

Sunday Roast

I really enjoy sunday roasts at Alice’s place, you get all sorts of yummy meats and just pig out on it. I can’t actually remember what I had this time but nonetheless it was amazing. Out of all the roasts, I believe the duck was the best however hehe, though I did enjoy the pork roast! The scratchings in particular, it was funny listening to everyone crunch through the scratchings while they eat (I did the same too). During one of the meals I started mentioning about what I was doing staying up there for two weeks and how I was going to call this one of my last visits up here before I started finding a job (Alice already had a job as an admin assistant so it was definitely time).

Honey I’m home

The rest of the weeks were mainly me sitting around at Alice’s place whilst she was at work, it was pretty funny! The first day when she was off I started to clean up her room just so a) she didn’t need to worry about having a messy room and b) I didn’t need to worry about working in a messy room haha. Anyway, cleaning up was fine since her room was pretty much tidy anyway but I wanted to make it so her desk was cleared up completely so I can set up my laptop on her desk and work from there (it’s nice lying down with the laptop but it’s always better when it’s on a desk and all). Once the cleaning was done, I was pretty much doing all sorts of customisations on the PC, namely updating Ubuntu on my laptop. I managed to install all sorts of fancy things such as AWN so I was able to have a dock like thing on the bottom. I also went a bit nuts on customising my foobar settings. It strangely took up the time until Alice arrived. I felt like a proper housewife hehe. So yeah, this was pretty much what I did for the weekdays, I also managed to get my delicious account sorted as well as try out a lot of things, blog like crazy and also pop into town with Alan to give Alice back her ID pass.

Bingo, and how much I wanted duck the entire evening 🙁

On saturday we managed to meet up with inn in Leeds since it was where we were going to celebrate her birthday with a super sushi platter at SiSushi. It took a while to decide on what to get platter wise but disturbingly we ended up with two platters! Zero Fish and Sushi Party 2! It was quite an ungodly amount but nonetheless we were going to do it (twas inn’s birthday afterall (well the day coming to her birthday anyway(sorry I like using brackets (kinda reminds me when I code and have to ensure that there were enough closing brackets( that was fun haha))))

The waitress was a bit reluctant to take the order since they were going to be busy and it was quite a lot of sushi to purchase, she told us that it will take around 1.5 hours but we were fine about that, we eventually popped out to do a bit of window shopping as well as buying some firefly drinks for the sushi (they were a perfect combo (since yo sushi sold them and all) (and they tasted nice (very nice (so nice that we almost buy it everytime (since we discovered it anyway (hehe more closing brackets (I get the feeling I might have missed a close bracket) (that’s not a good thing since it would mean those who are computer minded would throw an unexpected error!))))))

During our random wonder around the city (of Leeds) we went into a Currys Digital (RIP Dixons) and found some lovely Canon EOS 400d caps! Now I’m not a cap person but DAMNIT I wanted one! We tried to talk the sales assistant in giving one to us but they said that I needed to buy a camera in order to get one. Eventually someone actually purchased one and gave me the cap so woo! haha. Alice tried on the cap and strangely she looked awesome in it, she would do a good job as a Canon model.

After some more street wondering and some guitar hero at PC World we eventually went back to Sisushi and picked up our food, man there was a lot! Going back was a scary journey since we were scared about dropping £75 worth of sushi! We headed back to kev’s place with sushi and some japanese tea that we bought (thought we’d make it as authentic as possible).

Once there, we pigged out! End of haha. Kev was nice enough to stick a candle on a sushi so we could sing happy birthday to her. I managed to try out all the sushi available and loved the spicy chicken iso in particular. After that meal we played a bit of tetris and eventually headed out to Mecca Bingo to play some bingo! Alice had her bingo vouchers which meant free panininininin and drink!

Bingo was alright, kev’s friend joined us at bingo (as well as Paul and Gem) and he, Paul and Lindsay won at Bingo. One of the highlights of that bingo session was when we bought a ham and cheese toastie! It smelt lovely (nicer than the micorwaved panini) and tasted awesome too! Afterwards we went to the pub where I kept going on and on about how nice Red Chilli was and how amazing the duck was! I tried tempting inn to go red chilli instead of sushi but they werent having any of it 🙁 At the pub we were very close to popping out and getting a peking duck but since me and Alice had to head off in a bit we said no 🙁 Alice cheered me up however by telling me that we will go red chilli one evening during the two weeker so woo!

The rest of the stay

After a lovely susushi and bingo fest it was Sunday again, which meant roast! I think we had chicken at some point but my memory is too poor ;( I didn’t really look for a job whilst I was at alice’s place, that plan definitely was a failure since I only got round to signing up on a few sites. Evenings with Alice was lovely, most of them involved playing Harry Potter trumps, watching V for Vendetta and playing lovely games of chess. At one point Alice did straighten my hair hehe, everyone kind of noticed that during dinner haha. It was pretty nice though, my hair was getting a bit too long and messy that a straightening was needed.

Red Chilli!

Thursday was by far the best evening for this visit. It was like our proper fancy date and all, it was to mainly celebrate Alice’s job and all as well as to satisfy my peking duck urges. Before we went to the restaurant Alice advised me to get her mum some flowers and chocolate since she was nice enough to let me stay over for so long. Originally I was going to buy some thorntons chocolates but they were closed by the time we were there and all. We eventually went back into Harvey Nicholls and bought her a nice box of dark belgium chocolate. We were lost with the flowers since most places were closed and all. Anyway, on to the meal

Man that was a good meal! Alice really enjoyed the atmosphere that was red chilli and we had the most amazing meal ever. We ordered a seafood soup, half a duck and a yellow croacker with sweet and sour sauce. It was pretty much alice’s call since she was paying hehe :$ (I said that when I got my job I’ll be paying that for meal so that was fair, plus I was super poor at that time). The soup was once again amazing, it was only £3 a bowl and you got 2 bowls worth of that soup (served from a bigger bowl and all) and to compare that with soups in other resturants that was definitely worth it (in London it was £3 for a basic bowl of chicken and sweetcorn soup, this one had prawns, scallops and other bits of seafood goodness)).

Alice was well pumped about the duck, I kept telling her how the duck was going to be cut by some fat chef in front of you so that was definitely going to the be the moment of the evening hehe. After some waiting our duck came strolling through and boy was it amazing! The cleaver work was amazing! That guy knows how to cut duck haha. Boy do you build an appetite when you watch someone cut up your duck you’re about to eat. There was a lot of pancake action! I think I had about 10 pancakes worth of duck! We were getting pretty full by then and was glad that we didn’t order two dishes for the main course

Everyone around us were proper n00bs at it. They all got the set menu which included a crispy aromatic duck. Boy that’s some shit duck haha, I’d feel sorry for the duck knowing that they were deep fried instead of hanging around some meat hook for an evening after having boiled water, vinegar and honey poured onto it for a 30 minutes and being slowly roasted the day after. Strangely two of the tables around us were gay couples o_O. After some bitching we got our final dish. It was a nice one but we were starting to struggle with it after that duck episode haha. Alice was a true eating soldier as she ate a fair amount of the fish and I finished off the rest of it hehe. So yeah, amazing meal! We thought a bottle of wine was in order so…

Crossgates and how you should check where a train is going before boarding it

After the meal we went to the Marks and Spencers in Leeds station to buy ourselves a bottle of wine, I also managed to find some lilies for Alice’s mum so the evening was definitely going well, well until we got on the wrong train and ended up at Crossgates haha. I think around then I managed to get into Twitter and that’s when I was telling people how lost we were from our date and all. Alice felt really bad in getting us lost but it was fine as long as we were together. We managed to pass time doing random stuff (tetris was involved).

Finally we managed to get a train back to leeds as well as the right train to Halifax where Alan was kind enough to drive us back home. We drank some wine and had the most amazing evening in my life. It was perfect, including the little episode of getting lost in crossgates, everything was perfect 🙂

Treasure hunt

I knew Alice was going to be sad that I was leaving the next day. The other times were fine since she knew I would be back but this time it seemed like it was going to be quite a while till I came back up north to see her. So in order to cheer her up when I left I started to go crazy on post it notes. Beforehand we would leave messages on her big pad every morning when Alice went to work (she woke up 6.30 every morning bless her and I just stayed in bed hehe). I managed to construct a long 17 post it note treasure hunt in her room, each one marking something I’ve noticed during our time together. It was quite a fun game, I kept things pretty cryptic and all and worked through the treasure hunt backwards haha. Once alice was back it was pretty much time for us to get ready to pack and go (me going anyway :(). I managed to give alice’s mum the chocolates and flowers and apologised for being so quiet all this time i was in the house (I hardly left her room :$ when alice was off to work). We got a a lift from ted and took the bus to town. It was really upsetting to leave but it had to be done… I needed to find a job.

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