Christmas with Alice 2007

For Christmas, I had booked a holiday to go up north and spend it with Alice and her family. It was a pretty epic week and a bit, my birthday was spent enjoying a lovely roast yorkshire ham lunch (I hear it’s amazing) and lots of presents from Alice and her parents (for both xmas and birthday), including a Harry Potter BluRay, His Dark Materials boxset and a Howls Moving Castle art book. It was quite a fest of presents and I was able to celebrate the Xmas Day household style. It’s really nice seeing all the quirks at the house, it was full of family traditions and food. The turkey was awesome and it definitely lasted for quite some days hehe.

I also got an awesome KATAMARI BIRTHDAY cake!

It was nice watching everyone give and receive presents on Xmas day, I managed to get Alice a lovely ipod since she was thinking of getting one in the first place, granted she did pay for the warranty and chipped in £30 for it, so I suppose it wasn’t a full present :$. I was also able to check out Ikea for the first time up north, they do awesome £1 breakfast though I got myself a double breakfast since it was so cheap, the furniture was pretty awesome and I can see why people love it so much. I got Alice to get some finger puppets since they looked flippin’ awesome.

We were also able to do a quick Gourmet Burger Kitchen visit with kev and have some bingo action in Leeds, I picked a lovely BUFFALO burger which was new on the menu. It was pricey as fuck but was pretty amazing, nice and juicey. Besides it’s BUFFALO, who can resist (yup, I see you salivating you veggies haha kidding). Kev and Alice were pretty impressed by GBK too, Alice had a Oreo milkshake too which was new on the menu. Bingo night wasn’t too much of a success since we missed the early thingy and wasn’t able to win much. It’s getting slightly frustrating because it’s almost that we’re playing to win and not for the fun anymore, though it’s been a while since we’ve won and I’m dying to say “GWAR” to everyone. Maybe Inn stole all the win from everyone 🙁

The last day up north was spent at Nando’s before my train arrived, it was a lovely meal, we hadn’t had Nando’s for some time so it was pretty cool. The train journeys were spent surfing on my new E61i phone, was able to use fring as well as surf on sites via Opera Mini.

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