The story about a peking duck

One of the funniest things happened when spending time with Alice last weekend. We went to dine at a lovely Chinese Restaurant called Red Chilli, I’ve been there twice and was very impressed both times (this will be the place where I’ll be celebrating something with a whole roast duck).

Anyway once at the place we were told to wait for an hour for a table, this was a bummer since we went to Leeds just for this, loads of people didn’t bother getting a table because of this, I was persistent and eventually we got a table within 15 minutes, turns out the predicted hour is simply what you should expect to wait for and not an accurate measurement of when you’ll get your table, ho hum.

We ordered a lovely Peking duck at Red Chilli, we were both very hungry and was determined to get some duck action. Anyway, there were two n00bish tables next to us, I already got an idea that they had no idea on what to get and will most likely eat set menu stuff, most of which had “Crispy Aromatic Duck”. Take note that it’s simply NOT peking duck, Peking ducks are roasted nicely and sliced up right in front of you by some fat chef (which makes you wonder why he’s always fat hehe) whilst the crispy variety only involves deep frying some duck and having the waiter/waitress “shred” it for you, it’s a lot more dry and has a dull deep fried brown look contrary to the nice golden glossy orange look.

Anyway, we were sat in some corner and the two n00b tables were placed in a way that our fat chef couldn’t come cut the duck right next to us. In comes the hilarious bit… Since the chef couldn’t cut the duck next to us he had to do it between both the tables, when the duck arrived both tables were staring at our duck being sliced up, one even took photos. They thought it was their duck since it’s being cut up next to them despite the waitress handing us the pancakes. Both tables just finished their starters so you can’t blame their gullible selves that they thought this was their duck. After some slicing the moment came, they served US the duck. Their faces were disappointed but by the looks of it they looked like they were expecting to get the same, this was when the waiter came and placed a lovely dull brown duck on their table. The reactions were priceless! Not to mention we got to see for both tables. Lesson of the day, Peking = win, Crispy = fail, thinking you’re getting a peking duck but getting a crispy = double fail

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