rock for controversial people?

Muse: Matt at Royal Albert Hall Now typically I steer clear of any website clashing/wars and just stick to my own stuff and whatnot, but after reading an article from one of my fellow bloggers and close friends. I thought I’d share the article to those who aren’t fully in the know about the things behind it all and show my support for every word he’s said. It’s one of those things where you could either ignore and hope it doesn’t get worse or something you just need to start taking action on and pointing out that there is something fundamentally wrong about them.

I was never keen on making money from a band, quite a lot of their fanbase was built upon hosting loads of bootlegs and making it a prerequisite for users to register before being able to download it. For musewiki, I only make it a prerequisite for users to register in order to edit the pages to prevent people from easily sabotaging pages but never would I deny users information that essentially isn’t mind by forcing them to register. At the same time, never would I be charging users for content that isn’t legally my property or something that I deserve should be shared freely.

I think I could go on about this case but Stu has pretty much summarised how I feel (and I need to goto work). If other muse fansites feel the same way about this they should definitely speak up about it and not leave it as something we’d push away and ignore because we’ve been letting this happen for quite a long time already.

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