Sky Larkin at Rough Trade East

Sky Larkin

Just some more gig updates, Sky Larkin did a quick instore at Rough Trade East and I managed to check her out with my gigging buddy Anika. I saw soheresanomelette before the gig and said hi (he recognised me from my trademark “orange” scarf (yup i trademarked both) and we had the briefest of chats (shame :(). Sky Larkin were fun (will upload a video of them later) and I enjoyed it muchly. My favourite track is still nonetheless Beeline but it was nice hearing Pica and Fossil, I. I literally bought their album a few days before the gig and really love it. They had a tasty deal where you could buy it in itunes for less than a fiver (win). After that gig we did some bantering and headed off to see Moriarty at the Slaughtered Lamb, a review about that some other time! (Man i need to write a checklist of gigs I need to write about).

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