Off to Ghent (Belgium), Enjoy this photo

Muse rendezvous by the oohooohoooSHUN!

Here’s another photo of Matt Bellamy live at Teignmouth, this is the Saturday show I believe. I’m dedicating this to Solamore who had her copy of Muse live at Jools Holland deleted :D

What else, yeah, I really like this shot so I thought i’d leave this as my latest photo so soak it up (or something witty and awesome).

Sometimes I search for good expressions, crazy actions, crazy lights, but sometimes, it’s just a matter of looking nice to the eyes and keeping it plain and simple. was tempted to photoshop away a few bits to make it more simple but I’ll keep it more genuine :)

Competition time

ANYWAY, here’s a competition i thought up of for Musers, on comments or my tag list, put in some muse board usernames that are based on the latest album, old ones include stuff like New Born Baby, Citizen Muse, Apocalypse Bliss etc. Best one gets a hug.
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