Happy Birthday Me :)

Woo, enjoyed the coolest birthday ever :) Like always, i’ve made it so I watch a film first, then go eat and chat a while with my friends, invited J. and R. to my birthday, and obviously B. . Also invited E. to the bash but we couldnt trust him too well in turning up, i only managed to get him to come, so it was pretty much hanging on fine fine thread.

Anyhows, enjoyed a nice sleep and went to B.’s house to see…
Phantom of the opera
I bet B. is shaking her head and going “dear god, why did i take him to see it”. Havent shut up about it ever since watching it.

After that we went back to B.’s place to organise the rest of the evening. Found out that E. couldnt go. Bastard, ah well. Meant we had to go as a foursome like last year. Was hoping B. met E., twould be fun like.
After meeting up with J. and R. we went to Nando’s to have a lovely night out, drinking wine and eating 15 chicken wings.
Nando Wings
Technically its 30 wings, as its two bits but yeah, twas a lovely evening. Go Lord of the Rings from B. and nowt from J. and R. due to their lack of student funding :D 20 is mucho weird. But hey, theres nowt you can do aye? The night ended and blah

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