Howling Bells at Fopp, Radio Wars released!

Howling Bells at Fopp

mmm Howling Bells at Fopp, I actually asked to leave work early to see this. Not only was it an instore show, it was also the release day of their new album “Radio Wars” and I made sure I got myself a copy for them to sign afterwards

They released their new album radio wars so played a few tracks from the album and also signed some CD’s. It was fun seeing Juanita and the gang once again! I managed to hi5 the entire band for the lulz (though I think i might have used too much force when hi5′ing juanita, poor lady). They played Cities Burning Down, Digital Hearts, Ms Bells, Into the Chaos and Treasure Hunt.

Buy their album!
Deluxe 2xCD:
Amazon £8.99

Standard CD:

HMV £8.99

7Digital £5.00 (preorder price)

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  • zbyshka says:

    wow, thanks for telling me about that one.

    • crazybobbles says:

      I thought I told you :S i’m really sorry that you didn’t know about it. but i had it on my google calendar as well as and twitter and i thought we had a talk about it around the time i found out about it.

      they are doing a special intimate gig on saturday though so you could go see that one, the catch is you need an nme account or have to listen to the radio all week long to get tickets to see them. i’m failing epically to get either :(

  • zbyshka says:

    you told me about the nme one. not this. i don’t use last fm or look at the google calendar cos i don’t really personally have a use for it. it’s ok, though. nevermind.

  • Anthony says:


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