Noah and the Whale at

Noah and the Whale (62/35)

Noah and the Whale at a instore type show. Sigh, and I thought it would be the end of it all today. If you are following my twitter you would know that there was a quick Noah and the Whale at the instore gig in Covent Garden, mmm corperate gigs.
There really wasnt much to talk about for the event though, I met up with Anika who was promptly there at the front right. We talked about gig streaking and the likes and enjoyed overhearing banter from the crowd (it was best described as entertaining).

The band came on a tad late and explained that the reason they were late was due to licensing issues and so they could only play for 2 songs. It kinda made sense because I doubt the store had any licenses for live music (even bandstand busking is a bit of a rouge mission, but at least they can cheese it very easily).

They played two songs, Rocks and Daggers and Five Years Time. It was pleasant and that was about it. I dunno if I could actually cope with a full on 45 minute set though because I was in dire need of some rest and to play with my new gadgetary. I recorded the ENTIRE half of the show. Video uploaded when i have time

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