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I tweaked the blog a wee bit so now there’s actually a search bar at the top, it bugged the hell out of me when I was talking to someone about a post I made and had to painfully trawl through the posts to find what I was on about, so yeah, enjoy the lovely new search bar, I had a lot of fun styling up the search results page so it looks all nice and neat and whatnot or notwhat.

“You’ve got to search for the hero inside yourself”

The all kinds of crazy search bar!

The all kinds of crazy search bar!

In addition to that I thought I’d direct the attention on you LiveJournal users that I do actually have a lovely LJ feed account (thanks Stephie for making it) that you can subscribe to, so if you’re an avid fan of Livejournal and would like to have all my entries fed into your friends page, then feel free to add me and read up it up in the comfort of your own custom stylesheet (I almost make it sound homey!).

Add me on LiveJournal + roar!

Tonight will be an awesome night because I shall be heading to the hoods of Shepherds Bush and checking out some hot Brazilian Electro Music from a band you all know as CSS. Hopefully it should be a biblical riot.

I suppose while we’re on the subject of blog changes, feel free to drop me a comment if there’s any features you’d like on the blog to help you navigate around it, and since I haven’t used polls in a long time and we’re on the same subject, here’s a poll.

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